We are constantly searching for experts, consultants, specialists, and sales representatives from all fields and all countries also part time for cooperation.

We care about people and search for the best.

If you are interested in cooperation with us, send us your CV and short description why and how you would like to cooperate with us. We will contact you back.

Our email address for submitting CVs is

Free positions

If you are a freelance consultant who would like to occasionally work with us on specific topic, please contact us at millimc@millimc.com to get the template of our CV.

You can join our Milli MC Pool at www.linkedin.com (in the section Groups) of freelance or available consultants where we regularly post our free positions to keep you updated all the time. Please keep in mind that we search for long term and loyal partners only and the membership in Milli MC Pool is subject to approval. So if you are interested join now.